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Jeff Buckley
Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

Testo Morning Theft

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time takes care of the wound
or so i can believe
you had so much to give
u thought i couldn't see

gifts for bootheels to crush
promises deceived
i had to send it away
to bring us back again

your eyes and body brighten
silent waters deep
your precious daughter in the
other room asleep

a kiss goodnight from every
stranger that you meet
i had to send it away
to bring us back again

morning theft
unpretender left,

true self is what
brought you here to me
a place where we can
set this love free

friendship battered down by
useless history
unexamed in failure

but what am i still to you
some thief who stole from you
or some fool drama queen
whose chances were few?

love brings us to who we need
a place where we can save
a heart that beats
as both siphon and reservoir

you're a woman, i'm a calf
you're a window, i'm a knife
we come together
making chance into starlight

meet me tomorrow night
or any day you want
i have no more right to wonder
just how or when

and though the meaning fits
there's no relief in this
i miss my beautiful friend

i had to send it away
to bring her back again